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Rolling Hills Real Estate Real Estate Guide & Homes for Sale

Rolling Hills is where to find beautiful, rural-style homes that are also conveniently located in Los Angeles county. The gated and guarded community is committed to maintaining natural habitat, large open spaces, and a horse-friendly environment. Once inside the quiet city, one might forget that they are only a short drive away from the other bustling cities of the South Bay. With a population under 2,000 and only 685 homes in total, there can be tough competition finding homes for sale in Rolling Hills and getting an offer accepted.

You can search the available listings on this site and call the Millman Team at 310.375.1069 to get help with your Rolling Hills home search.

The location of Rolling Hills on the Palos Verdes Peninsula gives it a secluded, forested feel. The city is zoned exclusively for residential development and carefully protects the natural landscape: 60% of a lot is excluded from disturbance. With the average lot size being 2.7 acres, this means lots of open space between houses. Combine that with the absence of sidewalks and street lights and homes in Rolling Hills can really feel like they’re in a remote rural neighborhood.