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Palos Verdes Horse Properties Real Estate Guide & Homes for Sale

Palos Verdes is a great place to find equestrian properties in a quiet neighborhood with miles of trails nearby. There are three types of homes horse-owners can find: properties with stables, properties zoned and with space for stables, and properties conveniently located by stables for rent, trails, and horse arenas. What you get will vary based on what city and neighborhood you are searching in.

You can browse all the available PV horse properties for sale on this site and call the Millman Team at 310.375.1069 to get help from an expert today.

The city of Rolling Hills requires all properties to reserve space for horses. If you can’t snag a home with existing horse facilities, you will still get a property that allows you to quickly begin constructing your own. Committed to maintaining its equestrian character, Rolling Hills has streets and trails very friendly to riders.

In Rolling Hills Estates, a separate but adjacent city, many more equestrian properties can be found. The trails going through the city are extensive and the city is committed to being equestrian-friendly. The city hall on Crenshaw Blvd. is surrounded by bridle trails heading off in different directions, two riding clubs with stables, and two parks for riders. Ernie Howlett Park on Hawthorne is another trail hub and has four arenas for riders and competitions.

Trails from RHE connect with the Valmonte area of Palos Verdes Estates, another popular area to find horse properties. The city’s heavy tree cover and quiet atmosphere makes for shady and relaxing rides. The Palos Verdes Stables on Via Opata are a convenient place for boarding, riding in the three arenas, or starting a trail ride.