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North Redondo Beach Real Estate

While both North and South Redondo Beach share all the benefits of being in one of the region’s most attractive cities, the difference in location is important for home buyers to consider. North Redondo is still close to the beach but does not go right up to it; Hermosa Beach is in between. Homes on the western rise can have views of the ocean but most are more inland than South Redondo. Commuters can prefer the North because it can be easier to get to the 405 and then to other South Bay cities. The street plan in the north is also more orderly, with many blocks on straight grids. This can mean less noise and through traffic than homes in the south that are closer to the beach and tourist attractions.

You can search all the available Redondo Beach and Southern California homes on this site and call the Millman Team at 310.375.1069 with any questions about the area or to get help with your home search.