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Malaga Cove Real Estate Guide View All Homes for Sale & Real Estate Listings

If you like beautiful Mediterranean style homes, peaceful neighborhoods, spectacular seaside bluffs, and breath-taking views, then Malaga Cove in Palos Verdes Estates might be where you find your dream home. Conveniently located in the north of Palos Verdes, Malaga Cove has quick access to the beach cities of Los Angeles County yet retains its own unique charm reminiscent of the Malaga region of Spain. The careful combination of architecture, atmosphere, and location give this high-demand neighborhood a unique status in the South Bay.

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The first thing visitors are likely to notice is the amazing view homes of the Santa Monica Bay and Los Angeles County. The streets are laid out on the hillside so that many properties get unobstructed angles of the ocean, beaches, and city lights. There’s also a bounty of beauty to behold up close, with stylish palatial homes, lavish gardens, and a shoreline nature preserve all in the neighborhood.

Getting to the more developed beach cities cities can be done quickly by taking Palos Verdes Drive to Palos Verdes Boulevard. It might not always be necessary though, as the neighborhood has more than just alluring homes. Malaga Cove has its own market with shopping and dining, library, parks, sports fields, trails, and events such as the Summer Concert Series.