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New Laws Affecting Real Estate Lots and Zoning

SB 9 The “Duplex Bill”
Allows home owners in qualified urban areas to apply for splitting their lot in two. Each lot could have an ADU, meaning a single family lot could be effectively turned into a triplex or fourplex. Applying for a lot split requires the owner to state they intend to stay in one of the units as their primary residence for at least the next 3 years, and other restrictions.

SB 10 Development in “Transit Rich” Zones
Allows local governments to pass ordinances increasing the number of units allowed on a lot in certain areas. Parcels in “urban infill sites” or “transit rich areas” can be zoned for up to 10 units. Urban infill sites are determined by Census data and transit rich areas are within a mile of major bus lines or transit stops. Other qualifiers also apply

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