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Does Experience Matter When Choosing a Real Estate Agent?

Experience is an invaluable asset that’s important when selecting an agent. Does it make sense that someone selling 20 homes a year in the current market can better serve and advise you than someone selling 4 homes? Experience matters:

An example of knowing what to do or not do:
Should you accept an offer at full price after two days on the market?
What about waiting a set number of days before reviewing offers?
Do you allow an appraisal contingency when the home may not appraise? What happens if it doesn’t?
Is the highest price always the best offer?
If you sell “as is” can the buyer still inspect the property and ask for a credit or price reduction?
If the buyers change their mind a week into the escrow can the sellers take their deposit?

Don’t leave money on the table. Experience counts. Protecting your interests to ensure a smooth sale at the highest price possible is what Ray and Jon do. Put Ray’s 40 and Jon’s 20 years experience to work for you. We want to earn your business.

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