10 Water Saving Tips

The state has ordered mandatory water cut backs because of our severe drought.  Below are 10 ideas that may help you save water.

1) Follow the 2-6-8-10 Plan.  Water only 2 days a week,  between 6pm and 8am with 10 minutes per station.

2) Get a “smart controller” for your sprinkler system. It will water based on weather conditions & restrictions can be inputted.

3) Replace your lawn with artificial turf or water wise landscaping. There are rebates available for those who make the switch.  http://www.bewaterwise.com/

4) Cut your time in the shower.  Every minute you cut saves 75 gallons per month.

5) Scrape food off your dishes and don’t rinse before putting them in the dishwasher.

6) Run only full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine.

7) Replace toilets with new 1.28 gallon or less per flush models.

8) Fix all leaks including dripping faucets ASAP.

9) Replace shower heads with water conserving models.

10) Get a cover for your pool or spa.

Most residents in the South Bay are required to reduce their water usage between 24-30% depending on which city they live in.  Torrance is requiring a 24% year over year reduction.  Rancho Palos Verdes is 26% and Palos Verdes Peninsula is 30%.  Hopefully the El Nino we are currently experiencing will bring a very wet winter and offer some drought relief this winter.

Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade 2015

The 2015 Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade was a big success. Hundreds of families lined Torrance Boulevard Saturday afternoon to watch the parade which started at 1:30PM. The Armed Forces Day Parade has been taking place since 1960. This is a great even for the entire family. Kids really enjoy the parade which consists of marching bands, tanks, soldiers, veterans, coast guard boats, world war 2 planes and more. This is a great event for Torrance and the Central Torrance Neighborhood.

The parade honors active duty military and veterans from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and the Coast guard.  The event is patriotic, fun and a great way to the troops and veterans who put their lives on the line to protect our great country.

The Parade route is from Crenshaw Blvd to Madrona. There are also military exhibits set up near the Del Amo Mall Friday-Sunday that feature tanks, planes and other military equipment. This is also a great opportunity for kids.

Below are some photos taken at the 2015 Armed Forces Day Parade:

torrance armed forces day armored hum vee







torrance armed forces day marching band

torrance armed forces day tank 2

Central Torrance is a great place to live. Located near the Torrance Civic Center and The Del Amo Mall. Central Torrance is also referred to as Torrance Gardens.  The Millman Team has been specializing in Central Torrance Real Estate since 1981 and has sold over 300 Homes in Torrance Gardens/Central Torrance.  So far in 2015 the Millman Team has sold 6 homes in Central Torrance with more to come before the year is over.

To search for Central Torrance Real Estate visit the Central Torrance Page.

To find out the value of your Torrance Home just complete the information below.  We can also provide you a detailed analysis of your home free of charge.






Torrance Real Estate Update for Q1 2015

The 1st Quarter of 2015 has been very strong for Torrance Real Estate values. Low inventory, strong buyer demand and low interest rates have helped propel prices higher.  Many homes have sold in the first week with multiple offers.  These homes are selling for above asking price and selling for more than similar homes sold for last year.  The number of homes for sale in Torrance remains low which is providing strong conditions for home sellers.  Real Estate in Torrance is very appealing due to its great location, convenience, good schools, and great city services.  The much more expensive real estate in the beach areas makes Torrance look very attractive to home buyers.

Central Torrance Home

The economy is helping bolster Torrance Real Estate Values

The stronger economy is also helping the Torrance Real Estate market. In the last 12 months (Jan 2014-Jan 2015) California led the nation with 498,000 new jobs. This almost 30% more than the amount of jobs Texas created in the same time period.   Silcon Valley and San Francisco are leading the state of California in job creation followed by Southern California which is showing surprising job growth. 109,900 new jobs were created in the Los Angeles area. If you look around you can see and feel the economy is remarkably better in Torrance and the South Bay.  Restaurants are full, Whole Foods in Torrance is packed, and there is a lot of new construction and major remodels going on across Torrance. Below are the home sales for the 1st Quarter of 2015 for West Torrance and Central Torrance.  For more information on the different neighborhoods and areas in Torrance visit our specific area pages or our Torrance Real Estate Page.

The Millman Team is the top real estate team in Torrance. If you are looking to buy or sell give us a call at (310) 375-1069 to schedule a consultation.  Most of our listings are selling in the 1st week with multiple offers.  For buyers we have access to many listings including off market properties.


West Torrance Home Sales Q1 2015


AddressAreaBeds/BathsSquare FootageDays on MarketSale DateSales Price
Average Days on Market = 36Average Sale Price = $821,333
19921 Saltee AveWest Torrance3/11,12082/13/15$591,000
5038 Carmleynn StWest Torrance3/11,120353/31/15$640,000
4511 NarrotWest Torrance3/11,100121/14/15$640,000
20619 Annrita AveWest Torrance3/21,188362/18/15$740,000
20125 Wayne AveWest Torrance4/31,9241321/21/15$749,000
20421 Wayne AveWest Torrance3/21,42981/30/15$771,000
20105 TalismanWest Torrance3/21,470541/22/15$790,000
19609 DarienWest Torrance4/42,016172/27/15$900,000
4202 Konya DrWest Torrance4/32,640681/29/15$925,000
5306 Halison StWest Torrance4/42,47163/4/15$1,002,000
4820 Garnet StWest Torrance4/32,792573/20/15$1,005,000
19603 Mildred AveWest Torrance4/32,11142/11/15$1,103,000


Central Torrance/Torrance Gardens Home Sales Q1 2015


AddressAreaBeds/BathsSquare FootageDays on MarketSale DateSales Price
Average Days on Market = 88 DaysAverage Sales Price = $768,678
1404 Fern AveCentral Torrance3/21,383791/29/15$615,000
3217 Opal StCentral Torrance3/11,137242/2/15$630,000
1226 Teri AveCentral Torrance3/21,437122/23/15$680,000
911 Cerise AveCentral Torrance3/21,62793/27/15$735,000
2908 Sonoma StCentral Torrance4/22,4401823/2/15$827,000
1008 Cerise AveCentral Torrance4/32,67873/24/15$870,000
1504 Floorwood AveCentral Torrance4/33,07573/20/15$1,023,750


Torrance has always been a great place to live and own Real Estate.  If you are looking to buy or sell give the Millman Team a call at (310) 375-1069.







Millman Team Relocation

The Millman Team of Keller Williams Realty South Bay is a preferred vendor for several major relocation companies.  We have helped many clients who have been relocated by their employer over the years.  Just recently we sold two homes of clients in the automotive industry and also the Aerospace industry being relocated by their employer.   Quite often before you list your home the relocation company requires two different approved agents to interview with you and give a value assessment of your home.  You may request us as one of the agents you interview with.

The Millman Team has done relocation for over 15 years. We are skilled and experienced in relocation sales.  We work very hard to keep our clients and the relocation company updated.  Our extensive marketing and local knowledge helps your home sell quickly.  Our excellent communication helps minimize stress and makes for a more pleasant experience.

If you are interesting in using the Millman Team or want to interview us all you have to do is request Ray and Jon Millman to your relocation consultant at the relocation company. You can always contact us with questions at (310) 375-1069.

Here are the reviews from our recent Relocation sales:

“Ray Millman knows real estate. We always see SOLD by the Millman team in the Palo Del Amo area so we reached out to him. He sold our home in 7 days. He is busy but always accessible. When he’s not available, Jon covers for him. We have enjoyed working with Ray.

FYI – our home sale was a relocation sale through a relocation company. Jon worked with my relo company and my company to make this process painless for us.”

~Julia Wang



“We were selling our house due to a work relocation and Jon was able to help us sell our house quickly and above asking price. He was very knowledgeable and quick to response to our questions and concerns. I would recommend Jon and the Millman Team to anyone.”

~Arturo Cabral





“Jon did an excellent job helping us sell our home due to a job relocation. Jon kept us informed during the whole process and handled all of the details with the relocation company and everyone else that needed to get involved. He showed great knowledge in his field, knew the neighborhood and the market, and he was professional in his handling of all situations. He laid out a plan that provided us the best value for our home and made sure we had a quick sale to meet our relocation date. We would highly recommend Jon (and Ray) if you are buying or selling in the South Bay area.”

~Bert & Val Alm



The Millman Team has been selling real estate in Torrance and the South Bay since the 1980s. They have hundreds of satisfied clients and will work hard to protect your interest and make your move a pleasant experience. Our state of the art marketing will help you maximize your selling price and ensure a fast sale.  Call us today to find out more (310) 375-1069.




Palos Verdes Real Estate Update

palos verdes coastline


Below are the single family home sales for Palos Verdes for the last 30 days (February 2015-March 2015).  43 Palos Verdes Homes sold during this period totaling $65,376,135 in sales.  We hope you find this information useful.  The Millman Team is available to help you with all of your Palos Verdes Real Estate needs. If you would like to know the value of your Palos Verdes home contact the Millman Team at (310) 375-1069 for a confidential market evaluation of your home.

The lowest priced home sale during this period sold for $717,000. This home was located in the Eastview area of Rancho Palos Verdes.

The highest priced home sale during this period sold for $4,137,500.  This home was located in Rolling Hills.

The median home price of a Palos Verdes home during this period was $1,215,000.

The average home price of a Palos Verdes home during this period was $1,520,375.

Sold Properties in Palos Verdes

If you are a home buyer looking for the perfect Palos Verdes home the Millman Team buyer specialists can help you find the perfect home.  Call or email us for a private consultation.  We will help you fully explore your options. To search and view Palos Verdes homes currently for sale visit our Palos Verdes Real Estate Page.

(If you are viewing this on mobile or tablet and the home sale data is cut off, turn your device sideways to see it in its entirety).

AddressCityBeds/BathsSquare FootageDays on MarketSale DateSales Price
2070 Noble View DrRancho Palos Verdes4/21,8421662/20/2015$717,000
1878 Peninsula Verde DrRancho Palos Verdes3/21,895323/13/2015$730,000
28705 Goya DrRancho Palos Verdes4/32,222622/24/2015$755,000
4309 Via ValmontePalos Verdes Estates2/11,1981552/23/2015$799,000
28318 Pontevedra DrRancho Palos Verdes4/21,74633/12/2015$820,000
2 Stallion RdRancho Palos Verdes3/21,410432/23/2015$850,000
2040 Suana DrRancho Palos Verdes3/21,740712/20/2015$890,000
2021 Avenida AprendaRancho Palos Verdes3/21,806143/2/2015$905,000
1528 Palos Verdes Dr WPalos Verdes Estates3/21,686393/9/2015$960,000
5265 Bluemond RdRolling Hills Estates3/21,332573/9/2015$965,000
26848 Springcreek RdRancho Palos Verdes3/21,889932/25/2015$1,017,000
5352 Ironwood StRancho Palos Verdes3/21,404132/13/2015$1,060,000
43 Cayuse LnRancho Palos Verdes3/22,003632/23/2015$1,080,000
28612 Palos Verdes Dr ERancho Palos Verdes3/32,3231403/5/2015$1,085,000
30717 Rue LangloisRancho Palos Verdes4/21,670212/27/2015$1,100,000
6939 HedgewoodRancho Palos Verdes4/22,016133/4/2015$1,100,000
4008 Via PimaPalos Verdes Estates3/21,721483/12/2015$1,130,000
4224 Rousseau LnPalos Verdes Peninsula4/21,984222/18/2015$1,183,000
4412 Via PavionPalos Verdes Estates5/22,204363/10/2015$1,185,000
26943 Eastvale RdPalos Verdes Peninsula3/33,0541223/6/2015$1,200,000
135 Seawall RdRancho Palos Verdes2/21,646382/25/2015$1,200,000
4205 Pascal PlPalos Verdes Peninsula3/22,063913/2/2015$1,215,000
28649 Crestridge RdRancho Palos Verdes5/33,0881302/18/2015$1,270,000
2 Santa Bella RdRolling Hills Estates3/2.52,252762/13/2015$1,280,000
1205 Via GabrielPalos Verdes Estates4/22,109533/5/2015$1,289,000
5506 Shoreview DrRancho Palos Verdes3/22,041852/14/2015$1,345,000
4033 Via GavilanPalos Verdes Estates3/22,270302/13/2015$1,375,000
5840 Scotwood DrRancho Palos Verdes5/43,130952/19/2015$1,400,000
27741 Eastvale RdPalos Verdes Peninsula4/32,72533/10/2015$1,450,000
Via Marie CelesteRancho Palos Verdes3/2.51,96672/20/2015$1,500,000
Avenida De AzaleaRancho Palos Verdes4/3.53,9271472/27/2015$1,508,345
6 Avenida De CameliaRancho Palos Verdes4/3.54,1531973/5/2015$1,650,000
Via LandetaPalos Verdes Estates4/2.52,832132/18/2015$1,725,000
Via BandiniPalos Verdes Estates4/3.53,4283273/4/2015$1,995,000
32524 Seacliff DrRancho Palos Verdes4/3.54,9601902/13/2015$2,025,000
709 Yarmouth RdPalos Verdes Estates5/5.54,350933/10/2015$2,300,000
1405 Via ZumayaPalos Verdes Estates4/4.54,779233/12/2015$2,328,290
2217 Via CerritosPalos Verdes Estates6/64,8521543/13/2015$2,470,000
1648 Dalton RdPalos Verdes Estates4/4.54,2031372/26/2015$2,732,500
6 Maverick LnRolling Hills5/3.54,674872/27/2015$2,924,000
2920 Via CampesinaPalos Verdes Estates5/5.53,8731162/13/2015$3,225,000
1308 Paseo Del MarPalos Verdes Estates5/44,448202/17/2015$3,500,000
7 Outrider RdRolling Hills6/54,5472703/4/2015$4,137,500

The above real estate sales information was derived from the CRMLS. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Millman Team #1 in Sales for 2014

Keller Williams Realty South Bay announces that The Millman Team was #1 in closed sales for 2014.

The Millman Team sold 51 homes in Torrance and the South Bay totaling $39,148,000. Their average sales price was $767,000. 47% of their listings had multiple offers and sold above the list price. This was attributed to their complete marketing package which includes cutting edge internet marketing and exceptional negotiation skills. The Millman Team has been selling homes in Torrance and the South Bay since 1981 and has helped over 1,000 clients buy and sell Real Estate. Much of their business comes from referrals from past clients, family and friends as well as from the neighborhoods they have become well established in from farming such as West Torrance, Marble Estates, South Torrance, and Torrance Gardens.

The Millman Team Lead agents are Ray and Jon Millman. They also have a full time Marketing Assistant, a Transaction Coordinator and Buyer Specialists to ensure their clients get consistent service and results.

The Millman Team also helped 13 buyers purchase homes in 2014 in Torrance, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, and Rancho Palos Verdes. The Millman Team has a 5 star rating on Zillow, Yelp and Google with over 50 reviews from actual past clients. The Millman Team is on track for another exceptional year in 2015 helping many new clients buy and sell Real Estate in the South Bay.  If you are considering buying or selling a home in 2015 the Millman Team can be reached at (310) 375-1069 or [email protected] Their website is www.millmanteam.com

wilma sold








Homes Sold by the Millman Team in 2014: